Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always a bitttersweet day for me. I love what it stands for - celebrating the joy of being a Mommy, which, next to being a wife, is my favorite thing to be. But it's a day that I miss my own Mommy just a little more than every other day. It's been almost 16 years  since my mom died. I miss her so much. She is such a huge part of the person and mommy I am today. As I think about Mom, and being a mom, I think about so many other special ladies who have impacted my life. So many moms who have also helped mold me into the person and mom I am today. I am thankful for them as well. I have many friends who share the difficulty of this day. Some for the same reason - they have lost their moms. Some for other reasons - they are struggling with the reality of not being able to become a mom. So I have many prayers today - prayers of happiness and thankfulness, prayers of sorrow and lament, prayers of desire and hopefulness.

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